Dating a married man chat room

It feels, for you, completely comfortable and safe [to cheat online]." While many Ashley Madison users are content to keep things online-only, there's a darker flipside to that: many of them strongly believe that since they're not having traditional sex, their cyber relationships don't count as infidelity.As a therapist, Wasserman has had many couples come into her office and disagree on whether infidelity has occurred after one party had a cyber relationship.Conventional wisdom holds that people seek affairs because they're dissatisfied at home.But when it came to AM users, this wasn't the case, Wasserman said.It's not because they're having sex, but they have this other person [online] who's engaging with them in a deeply personal way." People become more intimate with their online partners than they realize — without even meeting them in real life — because they have such an intimate relationship with their phones, Wasserman said."You feel as if you are in your own world and you've got your phone in your hand, you're on it all the time," she said. You're not sneaking out the door going to a hotel room.Since the Ashley Madison hack, when thousands of email addresses and usernames were leaked, interest in the service has been at an all-time high.

"In my lived experience, women were way more keen to go offline than the men.

It makes sense that someone who would never initiate an affair in real life might create an account out of curiosity, then find themselves going down a slippery slope.

"You're not saying, 'I want to kiss the secretary,' or, 'I want to have sex with my colleague after work,'" Wasserman said. It's technology that has brought something out of us we didn't knew we had." Wasserman was surprised to find that many people on Ashley Madison were content to carry on online-only affairs — and their mental health might have benefited.

"It's really the incredible feeling of being online" and intimately connecting with someone, she said.

"People online who are having additional relationships have an enhanced sense of self esteem about the world in general.

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