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Max had told his father that he was the boss of the crime family in Port Charles, and the entire organization, as well as try to keep up the charade, even though he is condescending towards Jason and lecherous toward Diane.

Later, he meets with Sonny, giving him some advice, and revealing that he knew of the ruse all along, and that he is proud of Max for earning enough respect to get everyone to lie for him.

Rescued at sea but drugged and kept a virtual prisoner aboard a yacht by Luis Alcazar.

Arrested for murder twice, though acquitted once and the guilty ruling was overturned on appeal.

Believed to be dead for four years after her mentally incapacitated mother drove them both off the edge of a cliff into the ocean.Doctor at GH, he was the grandson of a very respected member of the Asian Quarter, the Ancient One.Yank's younger brother Tei was killed early on in the Asian Quarter mystery, spurring him to help Scorpio and pals break up Wu's gang.Maximus then flees the country in order to avoid the FBI.Came to Port Charles to steal the treasures of Malcuth being exhibited in the Port Charles Museum.

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